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Tap – Beginner & Advanced Beginner

Whether you’re a true beginner looking to make music with your feet, or already a hoofer, there a tap class for you! Each of these hour-long lessons start with learning a set of tap combinations, before then applying them to fun, rhythmical music that switches up all the time! Then, as your proficiency grows, more difficult combinations will be added, set to more and more challenging music! You will be really Tap Dancing from the first class onward!

Speak with Nancy if you’re looking for a level higher than Advanced Beginner!


Bring your dancing feet, gyrating hips, and a desire to move like you’re in a Miami discotheque! Zumba combines Latin music and dances, such as salsa, mambo, merengue, and samba. Don't sweat it if you're not a Latin ballroom trophy holder—sweat from kicking your legs, swinging your arms, and moving to the music! Not your traditional aerobics exercise, this free flowing class will make you feel like you've let yourself go at a party!

Body and Barre

This high-energy, dynamic class integrates elements of Pilates and dance, for a unique cardio and strength training experience! High-quality ballet bars have been procured for this class, with some adjustable ones available. Adaptable to anyone, regardless of fitness level, no prior dance experience or specific skills are required to get the full experience out of Body and Barre! The instructor is trained through the Stotts Institute, and is an experienced teacher who will make this the safest and most impactful barre program around!

Line Dancing

This highly choreography-based dancing involves repeated performance of moves for the duration of a song, with a group of people... yes, in a line! Not just a fantastic cardiovascular and cardio-respiratory workout, Line Dancing is a test of cooperation and memorization, that'll have your mind and feet working in sync with others. Performing this type of dancing can increase your alertness, your rhythmic abilities, mental acuity, your concentration, and so much more! Line Dancing is the most fun you can possibly have in a line!

Learn About the Fitness Benefits of Line Dancing


A class that is guaranteed to get your feet, legs, body, hands, and mind all a workout! This cardio-based drumming class combines physical fitness with brain fitness, as, on top of regular aerobic choreography, you'll be using drumsticks and an exercise ball to drum along with the instructor to the music! Engaging, varied, and exciting routines will keep you interested too! If you've ever wanted to get your hands more involved in your workout, this is the class for you.

Movement! Dance Fitness

Moving, dancing, fitness... BAREFOOT! If that gets you a little excited, then this is the class to check out! In Movement, each song has a base choreography, which builds up your cardio and stretches you out naturally—then, you'll be so caught up, having fun dancing along, you won't even notice the workout you're getting! This style of dancing fitness was learned from master jazz dance teacher Christian Haché, in Studio Les Ballet Jazz in the 1980s!

Nightclub Aerobics

If you like the idea of a fitness class that feels more like an evening out at a dance club than a workout, then you’ll love Nightclub Aerobics! Nightclub Aerobics is an hour of fun, easy-to-follow Dance Fitness routines, done in a darkened room with a nightclub-like atmosphere. With the dazzling disco-ball and funky strip lights going, this is the class to make your workout feel more fun than you ever thought it could be!

Ballroom for Solo Dancers

"But, I don't want to go learn ballroom..." said your partner, to your dismay. Well, if nothing will convince them, then why not come take Ballroom for Solo Dancers! Act out your desires to learn ballroom dance without the need to pair up. Technique, style, grace, and choreography, all the aspects of a ballroom class come together in this specially designed class. You'll get so good that your partner will be asking "is there a non-solo class...?" in no time!


Grab your mat, and get ready for a Pilates class that'll have you walking away stronger every time! This low-impact class emphasizes muscular strengthening, balance training, and endurance buildup. If this is your first Pilates class, don't worry, you'll be twisting and turning in no time, in ways that you never thought possible! But, if your flexibility is fiercely flourishing fully, then this class will have something for you as well!

Specialty Workshops

Along with regularly scheduled classes, the Workshop Dance Studio offers occasional Specialty Workshops! From Burlesque, to Hip Hop, and anything in between, keep your eyes open for these unique offers offered once or twice a month. Styles, length, and pricing can be found on the workshop's listing on the schedule when posted. Be sure to get your registration in quick, because these classes can fill up fast!

NOTE: Pricing and length are subject to change and will be determined according to workshop length, quality of teachers, and distance teachers must travel. Pre-registration (minimum 48 hours in advance) is required for all Specialty Workshops. A minimum class size, identified on the schedule, is required to be met, and we reserve the right to cancel the workshop if that number is not met; those registered will be notified by email if so.

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Interested in trying our one of our many classes?
First class is FREE so sign up today.
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Select the class you are interested in from the menu below