Nightclub Aerobics

If you like the idea of a fitness class that feels more like an evening out at a dance club, then you’ll love Nightclub Aerobics! Nightclub Aerobics is a complete hour long of fun, with easy-to-follow Dance Fitness routines, done with a nightclub atmosphere in a darkened room.

Taught mostly as Low Impact Aerobics, but you can set your own level as The Workshop Dance Studio is equipped with the specially designed Sport Court Response™ Tile floor – endorsed by major sport organizations, the Sport Court Response™ Tile floor is specifically designed to reduce lateral trauma while supporting ankles, knees, lower back and shins.

Nightclub Aerobics will be your Dance Fitness Class to make you feel great!

HEART WISE EXERCISE at The Workshop Dance Studio Evaluated for Quality and Satisfaction.

In 2016, The Workshop Dance Studio fulfilled the six criteria that make up the Heart Wise Exercise program to enable us to deliver exercise classes for persons with chronic heart health conditions. Physical activity is important to overall health and exercising safely means exercising at a level that feels right for you.  Our Nightclub Aerobics class is an approved Heart Wise Exercise class that includes options for exercising at different levels of intensity. We are Kemptville’s only facility approved to deliver a Heart Wise exercise program as located on the Heart Wise interactive map and you’ll find the Heart Wise Exercise symbol on our door.

Tap – Beginner & Adv. Beginner*

Whether you’re a true beginner tap dancer looking to make music with your feet or an experienced hoofer, The Workshop Dance Studio will have you Tap Dancing at your level to fun rhythmical music. Tap classes are one hour classes beginning with a warm up to stretch and prepare the muscles in your feet and legs, then adding the practice of combinations. As you become more proficient, more difficult combinations will be added with more challenging music. You will be really Tap Dancing from the first class onward!

*Speak with Nancy if you’re looking for a level higher than Advanced Beginner.

Movement Dance Fitness

Does your body love to move to music?

In this Movement Dance Fitness, you will dance movements that are grounded in and inspired by all types of music.

Would you enjoy a playful, energizing, motivating, safe dance fitness practice?

This Movement Dance Fitness is a practice to move your body in a way that is joyful to how your body moves.

Would you like come and move along with a mature, caring, responsible, skilful and fun-loving teacher?

Our modest teacher chooses inspiring music for all bodies and fitness levels. The Movement Dance Fitness is low-impact and done barefoot. The Workshop Dance Studio is equipped with the specially designed Sport Court Response™ Tile floor – endorsed by major sport organizations, the Sport Court Response™ Tile floor is specifically designed to reduce lateral trauma while supporting ankles, knees, lower back and shins.

Line Dancing

For simplicity, Line Dancing is introduced as “Dancing in a Line“. To clearly define Line Dancing, it is choreographed dance that is performed repeatedly for the duration of the music, by groups of people, in lines! Line Dancing involves a lot of footwork/legwork and is a great cardiovascular and cardio- respiratory workout. There are many fitness benefits that include an increased alertness, increased rhythmic abilities, improved mental acuity and concentration, plus better posture, balance and coordination.

The FIVE Big Line Dancing NoNos:

  1. NO specialized equipment needed,
  2. NO partner needed,
  3. NO age limits,
  4. NO special dance skills and
  5. NO risk of dance injury – Line Dancing is very safe as long as your shoes fit well and don’t slip on the floor.

Learn About Fitness Benefits of Line Dancing

Jazz Dance

Jazz is a dance class for adults to improve flexibility, balance, agility and muscle tone. You’ll learn fun combinations and choreography set to a variety of music genres, that will exercise your body and mind. Partner not required. Dancers wear active wear clothing.

Specialty Workshops

Specialty Workshop styles, length and pricing will be identified on the schedule. Some Specialty Workshop pricing and length are subject to change and will be determined according to workshop length, quality of teachers, and distance teachers must travel.
**IMPORTANT: Pre-registration (minimum 48 hours in advance) is required for all Specialty Workshops. All Specialty Workshops will have a minimum class size identified on the schedule and if minimum class size is not met, we reserve the right to cancel the workshop and those registered will be notified by email.

Parkinson's Fitness Exercise

The Workshop Dance Studio is proud to offer free Parkinson's Fitness Exercise through the Kemptville District Hospital. If you have been diagnosed with Parkinson's, our Parkinson's Exercise and Movement Group can help. Parkinson's is a neurodegenerative disease affecting the body's movement. The most common symptoms are tremor, slow movements, stiffness, impaired balance and rigidity of the muscles. Symptom's develop slowly, but exercise can help. Each Wednesday at 1pm, Tanya Collins, a Physiotherapist at the Kemptville District Hospital, in partnership with the Ottawa Parkinson's Society, leads our exercise class at The Workshop Dance Studio with a focus on strengthening and balance exercises. To join this FREE class please call 613.258.6133 x136 for an initial assessment. You do not need a doctor's referral.

Please Note: email for pricing packages.

Studio Etiquette: All participants are asked, as much as possible:
(1) to arrive at the studio 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time,
(2) remove all outside footwear and
(3) silence cell phones.
Please wear comfortable clothing and use reusable water bottles.