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Workshop - Learn Bollywood (Fall 2023)
Description: Step into the world of Bollywood with our "Learn how to dance Bollywood Style" class! Immerse yourself in the vibrant rhythms and moves that define this energetic dance form. From mastering signature Bollywood dance moves to expressing emotion through storytelling, this workshop offers an exciting journey through the heart of Indian cinema's dance culture. What to Expect: Our expert instructor - Priyanka will introduce you to the basics, teaching fundamental techniques and iconic Bollywood moves and by the end of the workshop, you'll be ready to shine with your newfound Bollywood dance skills. Experience Bollywood's Charm: Whether you're a beginner or have dance experience, our Bollywood Dance Workshop promises an unforgettable experience filled with joy, expression, and a deeper appreciation for the culture that inspires this magical dance style. Don't miss the chance to embrace the spirit of Bollywood!

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