My Love Story

Today is February 14th and I know this isn’t a dance story, but it many ways it is because it’s a story about the time I was teaching dance and met my husband.
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In 1991, I agreed to help my friend Robin with some work for the long running, all male Montreal show, called The Fossils. She was in charge of the Core de Belly – the male dance portion of the show, made up of only guys all willing to dress up and dance for charity. It was incredibly fun and an amazing experience. Often the cast went out for drinks after rehearsal. This is where I first noticed Chris Morgan, one of the lead singers and actors in the show.

April 1992 — Year 2 for me with the Fossils: I’m back working with the Core de Belly and we’re still going out for drinks after rehearsals. When someone from the cast drove me home, I asked about this Chris guy and found out he was single and that he liked to play golf. The following week I asked if he wanted to go golfing with me.

Flashback to the year 1974 — Annie’s Song, by John Denver was at the top of the charts and I told my parents that when I got married, I was going to walk down the isle with this song playing. Yes — I was 10, but I remember this vividly.

Back in 1992, it’s Thursday, April 23rd and Chris is picking me up to go play golf. He is a colourful sight wearing a white ball cap, blue/green plaid golf pants, a yellow golf shirt and red converse sneakers. He also brought me a big colourful bouquet of tulips from his garden. The surprise came when he started the car and the cassette player auto-starts playing Annie’s Song [woah]. This was unplanned as he had no idea I loved John Denver, but I took this as a sign that this was going to be something special.

The Fossil show was a huge success, making tens of thousands of dollars for children’s charity. Shortly after I won tickets to a dinner show up in the Laurentians and asked Chris if he wanted to go. Afterwards, I suggested we stop in at my cottage which wasn’t too far away. Driving down Highway 329, it was dark, but we came up on a massive big moose sauntering down the road [another woah]. He was beautiful and Chris has said that it was then he knew this was a sign of something special! We arrived at the cottage after midnight and got into the canoe to cross the lake. The moon was huge, bright and sitting close to us in the sky. The beaver swimming in the lake were upset with us and kept loudly slapping their tales on the water in protest at our presence. We sat in the canoe for a long time quietly just amazed at how magical the night was.

A few weeks later, June 11th, Chris asked me to marry him. We didn’t tell anyone until September as we bought rings and set about planning our wedding on January 23, 1993 at Maplewood Church. Of course, I walked down the isle to John Denver’s Annie Song as planned 18 years prior. The reception was simple with 190 people buffet style at a sugar shack just outside Chateauguay, Quebec. My dear Tapotage friends put on a big tap show for our guests and Chris brought down the house having secretly taking tap lessons from my tap partner Benny Draier. My wedding was the most memorable day.

From first date to wedding in 10 months and it’s been super fun ever since. That is my love story. ~ Nancy

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