New Pricing @ The Workshop

Dear Dancers,

Thank you to everyone for your continued patience during the #CovidCraziness 2020/2021. It’s been a full year since the initial lockdown, but we’ve managed to make it work by bringing you LIVE and recorded classes on Patreon mixed with some in-studio time periods throughout the past 12 months. Surprisingly, The Workshop was actually open to in-studio classes for 8 months in 2020. I wrote to everyone back in the Fall 2020, that all price-packages would be extended for three months, until the end of March — and here we are. Not knowing what the summer months will bring, the following is a breakdown of the new pricing taking effect April 1st, to remain until June 30th.

  • 3-MONTHS UNLIMITED $250 (+HST): If you were a member of the 12-Month Unlimited and you purchased your package in December of 2019, this was extended to the end of March. Unfortunately, I will not be offering this great package for the unforeseeable future. In it’s place, I am offering a THREE MONTH unlimited package for $250 (+HST), available for April to June 2021. This package must be purchased the first week of April 2021.
  • 1-MONTH UNLIMITED $99 (+HST): I have lowered the price of the monthly unlimited, but have new restrictions. Previously $140/month, the new $99 (plus HST) pricing is only available at the beginning of each month. This unlimited package allows you to take as many classes as you’d like within the month purchased. Please purchase this as close to the beginning of the month as possible.
  • 10 CLASS PACKAGES $150 (+HST): The pandemic has forced me to change the expiry on this package. All new purchases of the 10 class package must be used within a 90 day period.
  • DROP IN CLASS $20 (+HST): The cost of the drop in class was increased in 2020 to be more in-line with other studios in our area.
  • HST: Over the past 6 years I have resisted listening to my business coaches and their persistent request that I change my pricing to reflect pre-tax pricing. Whereas, I like things to be simple, they’ve consistently pointed out to me that my pricing was backwards to the ways of the world *sigh* so here today, I introduce to you the new PRE-TAX pricing. Moving on …..
  • PAYMENT: Payment can be made through my Paymentech machine at the reception desk or through e-transfer to Cash continues to be discouraged, but I am able to accept cheques.
  • PATREON $27 (cdn): Thank you to everyone on Patreon!! I have heard from many of you that Patreon works for you because of the consistency of the LIVE classes, the availability of the RECORDED classes and the flexibility it brings. I like Patreon as well and absolutely LOVE seeing the many smiling faces Live online. Please share my Patreon page with your friends and family because no matter where they live, as long as they have internet, they can take part in all the classes, to keep moving and enjoy good health. The pricing of Patreon remains at $27 (cdn) per month and I will continue to offer LIVE online classes for as long as people want it —
  • BOOK-A-CLASS: To book a class, please go to If you are unable to log-in, please send me a note and I will reset your password –