The Workshop Dance Studio is exclusive to adults offering ten distinct and varied dance and fitness classes. Hosted by a dedicated team of specialized teachers, our classes are designed to leave your body and mind stronger, recharged and invigorated.

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AEROBICS is a fitness class, set to motivating music and led by qualified instructor, Nancy Miller-McKenzie. Nancy will take you through a variety of structured movements and steps designed to raise your heart rate and get blood and oxygen flowing more quickly. Doing an Aerobics Class will strengthen your heart and lungs. Wear workout clothing and clean indoor fitness shoes. Bring a towel and some water to sip on through the class.


Barre at The Workshop is a signature class, that has been carefully designed to strengthen and tone your whole body through a dynamic fusion of pilates, weights, bands and stretching. Doing small movements and isometric holds will work your build lean muscle and improve flexibility – leaving you feeling energised.

Circuit Power

Designed by our Mobility Fitness Specialist, Nancy Miller-McKenzie – this workout has 12 stations focussing on the “Use-it-Or-Lose-It” concept.

You will work on balance, strength, coordination, cardio, flexibility and more.

You will be using bands, weights, medicine balls, boxing towers, steppers, barres and more.

Line Dancing

Easy, fun, challenging…. and FUN! Line Dancing with Nancy Morgan is both Brain & Body – get your steps-in and work out your brain on choreography. Set to modern, radio-plan music (not country). Wear shoes that slide a little and bring your concentration for a fun class learning technique and choreography.

Mobility and Fitness

Mobility & Fitness is specially designed for people needing to increase their mobility, strength, balance and flexibility. Often following a medical diagnosis, we’re less likely to keep moving out of fear or decreased agility. This class, led by Fitness Specialist Nancy Miller-McKenzie takes everything into consideration and will give you back some of the confidence you need. A pre-class consultation is required so we can give you the best class possible.


Movement is a dance fitness class that combines stretching, flexibility, balancing, low-impact dance moves with motivating music. This class is barefoot (but shoes can be worn), with some floor and barre work. Be prepared to have fun.


A Pilates class offers a holistic and mindful approach to fitness, focusing on core strength, flexibility, and overall body awareness. Participants engage in a series of precise and controlled movements, often using specialized equipment or simply their own body weight, to improve posture, balance, and muscle tone. Guided by trained instructor Bev McArthur, Pilates classes promote graceful, flowing motions that emphasize breath control, helping to enhance physical well-being and mental clarity. Whether you’re a novice or experienced practitioner, Pilates classes provide a rejuvenating and invigorating workout for both body and mind.

Tap Dancing (3 levels)

Come and take a tap class with Hoofer Nancy Morgan. These classes are designed for experienced dancers who want to learn technique, patterns and choreography – Recital-Free! Nancy Morgan has been teaching tap dancing to adults since the ’80s and believes that everyone can tap dance. Tap 1 – one year experience; Tap 2 – under 5 years experience; Tap 3 – over 5 years experience. Watch for the Learn To Tap Dance Workshops offered throughout the year for the ultimate beginner tap dancer.


Zumba is a workout that mixes low-intensity with a calorie-burning dance fitness party. This total body workout brings everything needed to boost your energy, strengthen your balance and improve your flexibility – giving you a serious dose of awesome every week!