Our Studio

The Workshop Dance Studio will…

Offer Regular Dance Instruction

Offer regular dance instruction and physical conditioning, with comfortable social interactions, an inviting sense of community and the related associated joy of dancing in a non-judgemental setting.

Continue to Develop

Continue to develop dance programs, classes and options for a variety of income levels and cultures.


Recruit reputable dance instructors to serve as representation for a friendly environment that radiates acceptance, camaraderie and positive energy.


Set High Standards

Set high standards for dance studio management and instructors to ensure participant’s safety, health and happiness.


Participate in the local community, partner with related businesses, support non-profit events, and work for the greater good through fundraisers, referrals, and the donation of services to classes, workshops or events.


Periodically Survey Dancers

Periodically survey dancers, conduct group discussions and request feedback about needs and concerns.


Clearly Post

Clearly post and frequently verbalize guidelines for dance etiquette, and the rules for respect, courtesy, civility and safety expected.