Wear Red Canada is Saturday, February 13th

As many people have heard me repeat over and over again – Your Heart Matters!!!

HEARTWISE EXERCISE: I became aware of the Heartwise program in December 2014, when my husband underwent a heart valve replacement at the Ottawa Heart Institute. This program so impressed me that I investigated a little further to see if it was something I could incorporate into my new dance studio business that I was opening in early 2015.

Except … I am a dance teacher and I teach dance, but I knew that I wanted to have other kinds of classes in my dance studio that were more cardio based. I formed a partnership with Nancy Miller-McKenzie who approached me that she was a fitness instructor and would enjoy leading an Aerobics class again. Alright now!! I found the class that I wanted to have as a destination for the Heartwise program.

After completing the virtual program, Jennifer Harris, the Regional Manager, CVD Prevention and Rehabilitation Outreach for the Heartwise program came out to the studio to observe NancyMM leading her Aerobics class to verify that we were following the safety protocols as laid out by the Heartwise program and that our AED machine is in good working order. Each year, I complete some training, attend some very informative seminars and pay my membership allowing me to remain a destination for the Heartwise program. I proudly display our Heartwise recognition at the studio entrance.

FEBRUARY 13 — #HerHeartMatters: Recently the Canadian Women’s Heart Health Alliance launched February 13th, as the WEAR RED CANADA national campaign to bring awareness to women’s heart health. This year they are hosting a day full of online seminars across Canada with 6 very interesting topics ► 1. Her Heart and Brain Matters ► 2. COVID impact on Cardiovascular Disease; ► 3. Physical Fitness, Nutrition and Stress management; ► 4. Cardiovascular Prevention, Rehabilitation, Treatment and Support for Women with Heart Disease; ► 5. Living with SCAD; ► 6. Sex, Gender and Cardiovascular Disease throughout the lifespan. I’ve signed up and encourage you to check it out by clicking here.

“Cardiovascular disease (CVD) continues to be the leading cause of preventable death in Canadian women. Sex and gender differences and disparities with respect to CVD awareness, development, identification, and treatment continue to persist. In 2018, the Canadian Women’s Heart Health Alliance (CWHHA) was established as a network of experts and advocates to develop and disseminate evidence-informed strategies to transform clinical practice and enhance collaborative action on women’s cardiovascular health in Canada.”

Join me on Saturday, February 13, 2021 and let’s Wear Red

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