Why I decided to remain closed on Feb 16, 2021


Following my announcement last week, that I was staying closed, several concerned people sent me notes asking WHY? and if everything was ok? This decision was not taken lightly and had kept me awake for several nights — here’s why.


Over the past 12 months, I’ve tried to follow the science and listen to the Health professionals in Ontario. However, I feel the recent decisions made by the Provincial government are mostly politically and economically driven. At the same time, I appreciate the need to reopen the schools, but am concerned they have not put enough safety measures in place. With that, I wonder if all businesses are allowed to reopen so soon after the schools, will that make it more difficult to pinpoint the source of an outbreak?


My studio is not essential. I accept that, but have done everything in my power to offer quality classes online for all who want to continue dancing with me. With an increased risk of new variants, is it safe for me to reopen? I don’t know and can’t find any credible sources telling me it is safe to reopen. By staying closed, I can only continue teaching online and apologize for asking everyone to hold on for just a little while longer. Unfortunately, Ontario is still reporting close to 1000 new cases everyday BUT with very few cases in our area. I’d like to do my part to keep it that way.


Along with the safety of my clients, I have the added concern of caring for my 83 year old mother. She hasn’t left the house for months, and the only way she could get sick is if I bring it home to her. I am also concerned that the recent lockdown didn’t put any added pressure on the large retail chains to increase their safety measures. As the main caregiver to my Mom, to reduce my risk of exposure, I’ve carefully chosen two small local stores exclusively and only go into them once a week.


I have heard from a few clients that the vaccination clinics have started in our area. I have also heard from several clients that they will not return to the studio until they have been fully vaccinated. The Federal Government is aiming to have enough vaccines available and administered to everyone in Canada who wants one by the fall of 2021 — still a full 7 months away. Certainly a move in the right direction, but not helpful for my business to reopen mid-February.


Soon — My wish is to have everyone back together in the studio, enjoying all the benefits that dancing brings — but only if it’s safe. Until then, ♥#BeCovidWise ~ Nancy

4 thoughts on “Why I decided to remain closed on Feb 16, 2021

  1. Dear Nancy – i support, agree and admire your decisions and the reasons behind it. I can’t wait to return to classes post vaccination. Miss you!

    1. Missing you Sylvie, but following along with you on Facebook, so please keep posting. Thanks for the support. These are crazy times ~ N

  2. Dear Nancy
    I feel you have made the wise decision to not reopening now. I agree that there is a serious risk with the new variants and do not believe the Province is implementing sufficient restrictions to keep people safe.
    I miss the GLAD sessions and chatting with you and the other participants but agree that it is best to continue to be careful.
    I think of you and your business often, and hope you will be able to fully reopen in the Fall.
    All the best to you, your Mother and your family.
    Stay safe – MaryLouise

    1. Missing you Mary Louise. I hear that they are doing the Meals on Wheels upstairs, but I’m not sure if you’re involved or not. Each week, I get as much of the GLA:D program in as I can but separately with all the other classes I do. Here’s hoping that almost everything is back to normal for September !!! #StayHome #StaySafe ~ Nancy

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