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Become a member of the Workshop Dance Studio and get exclusive access to classes and content. Come and join in-person, from anywhere online, or even view recorded classes on your own time! Choose the package best for you.

Selecting a membership tier is required to book a class.
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Best Value

All Access Unlimited$99.00 a month
Want everything all in a single package for one monthly subscription? Subscribe to the All Access Unlimited package and gain access to in-person classes, virtual classes, and tutorial videos, plus all the benefits each of those tiers get you!
And get a $15 a month savings (that’s like getting the tutorial videos FREE)!

Most Popular

In-Person Classes: Unlimited – $69.00 a month
Come join ALL of the in-person classes at the Workshop Dance Studio for one convenient price. Take as many classes as you want, as many times as you want! (Does not grant access to virtual classes)

In-Person Classes: Pay Per Class
Not ready to commit to an unlimited classes membership? Select this tier to be able to book an in-person class, and then pay for the class at the door.

Virtual Classes – $29.00 a month
Join in on all your favorite live streamed classes – unlimited access to:
Plus access to all recorded classes!

Tutorial Videos– $15.00 a month
Gain access to exclusive lesson videos from all of your favourite dance classes. Want a more focused, step-by-step guide on each specific dance? This is the place to find them! New lesson videos will be updated monthly!

Tutorial Videos and Virtual Classes– $40.00 a month
Bundle and save – get unlimited access to:
– all live streamed classes
– class recordings
– AND access to the monthly dance lesson videos
That’s a $6.00 a month savings!

Virtual Mobility and Fitness class – $9.00 a month
Having difficulties with your mobility? Need help finding a way to keep moving? Join here to gain access to just the virtual Mobility and Fitness class, and get yourself moving!

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