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Margaret McDowell — April 7, 2021
I really enjoy the Movement Classes. Nancy’s effort and enthusiasm motivate me, even when I am feeling lazy. How else could I exercise at 9:00 AM? Thank you Nancy! Margaret McDowell
Nancy’s effort and enthusiasm motivate me

Helen MacGregor – April 5, 2021
Nancy Morgan is wonderful. I enjoyed my first in-person Aerobics class with Nancy Miller McKenzie and then did it again 2 nights later with the recording with my husband!! Tonight we joined online live for Pilates:)) It was great!! Thank you, Nancy:))

I enjoyed my first in person Aerobics class

Eleuthville Media — Nov 2, 2017
Workshop Dance Studio “They really do teach Adults to dance”

They really do teach adults

Ashley Sutton — Mar 3, 2018
Wonderful owner, we were the youngest people there (mid twenties) but we felt so welcome and enjoyed their workshop on swing dancing.

We felt so welcome

Elizabeth Foster — Feb 24, 2019
This studio is fantastic. Love the classes they offer and amazing teachers!


Mar R — Apr 25, 2019
It was a great experience, I hope to go back on June to start my classes.

Great experience

Sylvie Morel — May 22, 2019
A wonderful studio, great owner and teachers, nice adult atmosphere, a fun way to keep in shape. Highly recommended.

A wonderful studio